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68 fastback "Test Drive"

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SWMBO and kiddies got me the new Atari "Test Drive" for Playstation 2....and yes it has one bad azz 68 Mustang fastback GT in have to earn it by winning a few races but it is worth it when you get it....great graphics, you can even read M U S T A N G on the rear decklid. You can pick your own color, the aqua they have is more of a Dupont Chrome Illusion look, so I'm driving the presidential blue right now. Car looks bone stock, right down to the correct hood scoop and the C-stripes.
Here are the stats on the car...
510 BHP @ 5800 speed is 176 MPH, 0-60 in 4.8 I am feeling it's definitly a restomod...
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I was thinking of getting that game just for that car.
How is the play control? Sound? ect.?
How would you compair it to GT3 A-Spec or a GTA3 in terms of driving control?
I may get it either way.
This is my first driving game so I couldn't give you a good has a realistic feel to turn too hard you loose have brakes and a seperate emergency brake (great for doing a "Rockford" 180 turn if you Sound and graphics are well above average, and I'm sure the X-box version is even clearer.
You have several options...quick races...2-players..drag racing...circuit and linear courses..
In the "underground" mode you race in a series of illegal street races against a series of opponents...and you go from San Francisco to Tokoyo to who know were (I'm in Tokoyo now)....crashes are of course unrealistic...
There are even police who chase and harass you...
And there are some great American cars..Challenger R/T...Charger...Hemi Cuda...69 Camaro...mid 70's Corvette..Shelby Cobra...Shelby Series well as the Jaguars, Supra's, Lotus etc...and I'm sure I haven't seen them all. They all have different driving charateristics...I have driven them all but I like the feel of the mustang...(guess I'm biased)
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finally something i can relate too, i recently rented it and highly recomend it, driving is similar to gta 3, its a really fun game, and you get to drag race( you have to drag with a manual transmission, which i dont use normally do),I come up against the damn corvette and it keeps beating me down, and im getting pissed, so i look down and was this on the gear selector, a 5th gear, lets try that. Gave it a try and bam kicked the vettes ass. I would recomend it. GREAT GAME, rent before you buy. not everyone is into the way the games are set up (did you notice in the first level the cops drive newer stangs /forums/images/icons/smile.gif?? )
I wonder; does it do all of the dipping and yawing that is charactaristic of a big-block 68, or have those problems also been remedied..? /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
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