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I finished an instrument cluster swap. Everything is working properly with the exception of the clock.

The circuit must be simple - one wire plugs-in to the back of the clock, it has to be hot all the time which means it's got to be connected to the lighting circuit somehow.

I'm reading through the wiring diagrams, but having trouble tracing the wire back from the clock.

Knowing that the clock itself is good, is there anywhere that I can check for voltage without removing the cluster again?


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These early clocks electro-wind. This means they are wind up clocks but have a solenoid to wind them. Yes, power must be applied continuously to the rear terminal and the case must be grounded (through the dash or metal case). When winding the clock sounds like, "Zick" lasting about one second...the clock then runs off a spring load for about five to fifteen minutes then winds again ("Zick").

Here is the usual problems when they fail. Most often the contact points in the clock fail due to arcing or dust and hence even with voltage applied they don't wind. These are often fixed simply by removing the case, checking the points, filing them with a metal fingernail file, then reassembling them. If you can't do this yourself then take to a clock shop. There are also specialty shops on the web who repair them. If you do remove the clock and open it to examine it, be sure to use a small toothpick as an oiler (use 3-1 oil) and dab tiny drops of oil on the various shafts and pivots you see.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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