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68 Power steering Setup

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I have a 68 Fastback with a 302, power steering and front disc brakes. We recently purchased inner and outer tie rods, idler arm from NPD for our setup. We get everything off and start putting the new stuff on, and it doesn't fit. Everything we ordered is supposed to fit the setup we have, but for some reason all the tie rod end ball joints have bolts that are smaller than the holes in the center link and the spindle. Also, the idler arm has an offset where the original one just has a straight piece that bolts to the frame rail. It looks like the spindles and some other parts may be from a later model, 75 or so ford. Has anyone seen this problem, and does it look like we just need new spindles, center link, etc? If anyone has pictures of their 68 p/s setup, we would appreciate them. Thanks.
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It's hard to say exactly, but nonstandard parts might have crept into your car at some point in its history. Also, the tendency of parts houses is to "collapse" slightly differentiated pieces into a single replacement part - for example, when I switched my '68 to manual steering, the drag link for smallblocks was no longer available, but the beefier and slightly differently shaped one for BB and Boss use was. Mechanically identical, stronger, and with only a slightly more dished center section (I think).

You might have gotten parts that were more "universal" than they should have been. In any case, this jest don't sound right. You want steering pieces to fit and work right. I'd return the parts and get correct ones from a classic-oriented supplier who might know the pitfalls of NAPA and NPD universal parts.

(addendum) You might also be right in that the front discs are a conversion from Granada parts. AFAIK, one of the reasons Granada donations are so popular is that they used "old" Ford technology and were thus a bolt-in to Mustangs. I think tie rod ends are identical on virtually all mainstream models... There's also a possibility that your Mustang started out as either a big block or a Boss, which would have some different parts in the front suspension.

Good luck ironing it out.

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I have pictures of the power steering on both my 68s on my website. The coupe would have the best pictures:
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