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A friend of mine owns a mechanic shop and sent me these pics of this 68 fastback a few years back. Said the motor and trans needed rebuilt. It looks decent in the pics but is a 50/50 car, looks good at 50 feet or 50 mph. He had it redone back in the 90s and it hasnt ran in 10 plus years. It has the original 289 and c4. He finally talked me into coming to work for him and this was one of my first cars to work on. Thought id document it here. Were gonna put on discs from chock, rebuild the 289 and c4, replace the engine wiring harness etc. Just make it a good driver. The 289 was in great shape except for cylinder number 1 it was rusty. The crank was turned .010 already but is in great shape. He wants a roller cam and was talking fuel injection until he got the quote.
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