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68 strut rod nut size???

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Anybody know for sure the size wrench I need for the strut rod nuts on 68FB?? Bigger than anything I got on hand and don't particularly want to buy 3 or four different sizes to get the right one..small than 1 1/4 inch for sure.
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Do you have a ruler in your toolbox? Or would you rather I get off my a$$ and go look for you? When you do figure out the proper size wrench, ensure that you get one with enough leverage to break the torque as they are usually on there pretty tight.
Yes, you will be needing a mother of a breaking bar or wrench. Sometimes, an impact driver won't do it alone, and you're cranking them off a quarter-turn at a time.

Have fun! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
7/8 for the crown nut (first one where the cotter pin goes through) and 1 1/8 for the larger one.
its a 1 inch on my '68.
I went back out and rechecked my numbers. One nut was 1 1/8. and the other was 1 inch. If it can be different it will.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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