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1969 Conv. 302 auto no motor or trans,
Quarters and floors are shot.
Good for parts or title or whatever
1970 Convertible 302 auto deluxe interior ,
needs it all, but its all there.
This is a freinds car I am listing,
Located near Trenton NJ
They NEED to be sold, taking up WAY too much room.
I offer here first before Evilbay.
Get a jump on your winter projects!!

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I will be getting some pictures up here real soon. Please stay tuned. Both cars do have interiors the 69 is missing the back seat, they both need to be redone.

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Tom I'm very interested in the 69. Please please email me when you get the opp. I would really like to talk the car over some. [email protected] phone 570-965-3069
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