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69/70 Mach 1 & Stainless Steel Brakes causes track width change?

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From Jay's VMF Tire Fit Guide NOTE: Aftermarket disc brake kits will often change the track width of your car and result in the need for increased backspacing. Brands that are known to result in this "track change" include Baer, Wilwood, Aerospace Components, and ...

Is anyone running the SSB Front Conversion Kit on a 69/70 Mach 1 and did you need to change your backspacing? I'm intending to put on 17x7 with 4.25 backspacing. Thanks.
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I cut the shock towers out and welded in the Rod and Custom front end which used the Mustang II style tubular upper and lower control arms. I used Mustang II 2" drop spindles, 11 granada discs with 5" Chevy floating calipers. This change narrowed the front, my tires were in to far, so I am using 1.25" adaptors to move the tire out more towards the lip. I am using large rims and tires, 17x9 rims with 5.95 inches backspacing, and the tires are 245/45/17. Even without the adaptors (the tires were way inboard) I still had plenty of clearance, the wheel wells on the 69 to 70 cars were huge.
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