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Guys, I'm trying to dump my very last Mustang parts as I have been out of the hobby now for some time. If anybody wants ALL of these parts listed. I'll pack them up and ship them to for for $100 total, and I'll pay shipping (lower 48 states). If you are local and want to pick them up - $75 for everything.

C4 Transmission Dipstick Tube - painted.
Clutch Pedal Retainer Spring Clip
69/70 OEM Ignition Switch Bezel - very nice chrome
69/70 Fastback Drip Rail Trim - RH (small corner piece only)
Power Steering Bracket (rod to frame)
Power Steering Bracket with bolt (rod to frame)
Lower Leaf Spring set (55GG ??) very hard to read - small lower leafs only

you can PM me if interested.
Thank you!
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