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69-70 Rear seat delete???????????

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I thought I posted this before and didn't get a respnse or maybe I lost it.

Anyway Has anyone done a rear seat delete on a 69-70 Fastback. I'd love to see pictures. I don't see a real reason to keep mine. At the very least I'll be swapping my Fold down for a non-fold down to save on weight. Thanks in advance.

Oh if you are wondering I'm turning this car into a strip street car. I have the torino for a cruiser so I want something really mean and fast.
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If that 429SCJ, with the Drag Pak rear isnt "fast" enough, then Ill take it off your hands /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
It's not bad. The P/O wasn't that bright and had those crazy racing gears pulled out. It's a 4.30 Detriot locker with a 3.50 Ring and Pinion. Dohhhh! It still ran a 13.57 @ 100mph. Not too bad for a Heavy car with a 285lb driver and a trunk full of spare parts.
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