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I'm pretty sure its the same as for a '70, so here goes (I know this is correct for a '70, no guarantees on a '69.) If its an original, and you want to completely remove it, start with taking the glove box out. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see a junction between the end of the antenna and the antenna jumper wire. Disconnect. In the door jamb area, the antenna wire comes down from the fender, and through a grommet on the forward door post. Pull the grommet out, then the wire (which is now disconnected.) There are one or two clips holding the wire to the door jamb, carefully pull the clips out. Now you're in good shape.
At the bottom of the antenna, there should be a cover plate with four screws. Remove the screws. You should be able to lift out the antenna, and fish the wire through.
A lot of cars have a later model antenna on them, without the four screws. These antennas have a nut on the base, which can be unthreaded. Once unthreaded, there are a pair of toggles under the fender, which hold it in place.; Tilt the toggles so that they can come through the hole in the fender, fish the wire out.
Hope this helps.

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