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I'm curious as to what benefit having competition suspension would be today with all the after market stuff available. Would I get the same or better results if I ran Traction Masters if I don't have competition suspension? Seems to me it was just moving one of the rear shocks around to prevent wheel hop, which the TM's are supposed to do.

If comp. suspension IS a good thing to have, then is it possible to convert a car over that didn't come with it? The part I'm having trouble figuring out is where the top of the relocated shock would mount up to the car.

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A true racing suspension is a poor choice for street use. It will either shake the car apart, shake you apart and/or actually reduce the handling ability of the car because on a race track you don't have chuck holes, sewer lids, etc to deal with, so the race suspensions are not "Tuned" to compensate for these "Obsticles". A good aftermarket system will perform very well on a track and with simple modifications can perform as well as most packaged type race suspensions.

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