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69 door glass

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I have a 69 door glass and the glass came unglued from the glass bracket and I was wondering what to use to glue it back into the bracket. If anyone knows please respond.

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The '69 glued in windows were NOT one of Fords better ideas. The best fix is to use mechanisms from a '70 model 'Stang. Replacement with that assembly is the preferred, long term fix. If that isn't possible, any reputable glass company should be able to recommend an adhesive that might work.

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I used silicone RTV and it worked fine, better than the original. Only wish I had wound the window up while it was drying to get it in the correct position, I later discovered (once it was well dried and set that it sits a little bit back so there is a slight air gap at the front.

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PerForms windshield sealer product works good for this. I can't remember exactly the name of it but it's firmer than silicone and works better. When gluing the glass back in there is quite a bit of movement in the position of the bracket. If it dries in the wrong position you won't be able to adjust the window enough to seal up against the weather stripping. I think it has to curve with the curve of the glass but verify this.

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I heard from a reliable source that Ford's instructions to dealers was to use JB Weld. I've talked to a few Mustang Restoration shops and they agreed. SO, that's what I used and so far it has held up great.

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Thanks for the info. I'll explore all options and choose what
option best suites my application.

originally was blue69 from 1st forum
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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