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'69 door verticle w'strip

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If you want to spend a couple of hours on your 'Stang & achieve blot, try and slip the w'strip into the stainless verticle mould on the rear of your door glass.I'm using genuine Fomoco strips & maybe thats the problem,there a bloody tight fit.I greased the moulds with vasoline,(petroleum jelly) & get it 3/4 the way in & thats it.Apart from leaving the w'strips in our hot sun for a couple of day's my next step is to fire the gas-axe & melt em in,"G"!Any tip's?

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please drop me a line. I replaced one of them in my '69 coupe (note the one). Hard as I tried, I could never get the passenger side in, and ended up putting the original one back in as I finally destroyed the new one (fortunately, that side wasn't bad, it was the driver's side that really needed it, and I was somehow able to get that one in).

Those things are the biggest PIA I think I've ever run into in working on Mustangs!

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