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69 Grande

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Going to look at a 69 Grande this evening. Need a website for classic car/Mustang pricing TODAY!!!! Save me a trip to a bookstore and tell me an addy! Since I can't see one on this page (Hint to Bob)!
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click into the car site..then onto ford and so on. List options and it will give you a fairly good average price. Mind you I would not sell my Grande for what they say it is worth, I have $28,000 in reciepts for restoration for it not counting my own time which is just a hobby anyway.
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Just as a general comment I have yet to find a price guide that is of use in every part of this country expect when selling these cars. Unless the car is a high end car I would suggest using a more regional guide like local papers. The fact that the car is a Grande my experiance suggests that the value will not be that different from standard coupes (unless the car is a correctly restored car)

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