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We are looking to sell or trade the current wheels that are on my wifes mach 1.

She would like to get magnum 500s in place. If someone has a set of 500s and would like to work out a trade, please let me know.

Size of the GT wheels, I am told is 14x6. The tires are 195/70/14 firestone firehawks. I would be willing to sell wheels with or without tires, altho with would be easier.

Looking for 14x6 or 15x6 for front, and same or 14x7 or 15x7 for back. I want this to fit stock setup. Not looking for really wide tires. Just the look of the magnum 500s.

Dont need tires, but if you have them on already, may be interested.

Located in Oregon. Local or driving distance is obviously best, but lets talk wherever you are.

As far as price, I am honestly not entirely sure what they are worth. But working on that.



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