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69 mach 1 hood detail

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I am working on a 69 R code mach 1. Red w/black hood. I want it as original as possible. My question is...What is the diameter of the corner of the flat black area at the front of the hood. I already have the edge dimensions.


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Would a picture help? I have a pretty good picture of my hood, but, don't know exactly what you mean about the front corner of the hood. Send me a e-mail to the address in my bio, and I will forward you a picture of mine.
This web site has the demension you need I hope it works. If not get a copy of mustang illustrated april 1990 vol 5 no.2 it has a great article with full details on how to do a 69' mach 1 Hood stripe....
That detail "A" is exactly what i am looking for. I want the diameter of the curved section. It looks to be around 4", but i want it correct. I really appreciate the help.
I am dropping it off at the body shop tonight. Does anybody know the size of that circle????

Sorry to repost, but this is important.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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