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I'm not sure what is internal in the seat, but I wouldn't recommend hacking them up: if the hole isn't properly sealed/reinforced, I would think it would chew it up, ruining the upholstery and maybe the seat.

I'm pretty sure you could sell those seats fairly easily and for a pretty good amount. You could try to make some late model seats work, but you might have the same problem with the shoulder belts not having a "path" to run through.

When you say "limited street use" does that mean you'll be driving mostly on the track? If that's the case, I'd suggest you look into some aftermarket seats. If you don't need access to the rear seat, you can find fixed-back seats relatively cheaply, otherwise you'll want to look into a reclining seat.

Here's a post from a few days ago where I put some info on Procar seats...

Good Luck. You might drop DaveG a PM. He's my bro-in-law and has a 69 Mach One (that used to be mine!) and he's doing new seats as well. He tends to be very thorough and practical, so he's always a good resource!
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