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title will be salvage regardless of what company pays
Thats not true.

My Jaguar was "totaled" in the insurance eyes after damage was done by neighboring kids getting into a garage my car was stored and walking all over it. They paid out a total claim minus buy back from me and that was that. No adjustment on title and my PDR friend got EVERYTHING out. Made me a believer.


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My son had a 1970 Mach 1, similar case, we had USAA. The damage was going to be a total, etc.

We negotiated with USAA to lower the bill just below the salvage and not total it. Less money out of their pocket.

Agreed value is a tough one. YOU said it was worth that much. The 42K sounds nice, but in court YOU have already said it is worth 25K, end of story. Just like mailing an item with $100 insurance, it gets lost, and claiming $5000. YOU set the price, YOU set the value, game over.

Not that I would recommend it 馃槇 but some states don't care about salvage titles, etc, so it SOMEONE was to register a salvage in Alabama and the title comes back no salvage on it, and later it was transferred to State X, no salvage on the title.

BUT, if you care keeping the car, I would not get WRAPPED about the salvage on it. A lot of Mustang have been built, good or bad, from a lot worse cars, and there is no salvage on the title, so it will be better to see the condition of the car many years from now, rather than the salvage designator applied in the year of the COVID.

Fifteen years from now, AC15, (After COVID 15) it probably will not make a lot of problem. By then, gasoline will be banned, self-driving cars will be the only things allowed on the road, so all our cars will just sit in permanent storage.

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I was going east in straight lane-(going straight) beside me is a L turn lane- he is stopped facing westbound but in the turn lane (so he is facing the black truck which is to my left- (previously I said to my right but it was to my left- my mistake) in the left turn lane but stopped awaiting a turn- and this obscured my vision of the other driver (which wouldn't matter if he yielded right of way) but he couldn't see me either so he went for it. I saw him as i entered the intersection- hit the brakes- but no way i could stop- I will never forget the crunch and seeing the red hood buckle- (he will never forget the cussing i was doing- haha he stayed in his car for a while cause he thought I was gonna beat his ass) He actually broke several ribs- I wasn't even sore the next day- I thought old cars always lost in a wreck but his was pretty trashed too.

I am in NC- still looking at DMV rules/regs-

I can't drive it for another estimate It would have to be trailered- BOdy shop gave the estimate and - Hagertys adjuster looked at it and he is the one who stated the 22k- he even wanted me to just let if go because "there could be hidden damage". I don't see how because I have been to visit the car several times and I know this one inside and out- I see no buckling or changes in body panel gaps- But hell I still think it would be less work to repair than most of the other stangs out there- but it sure taught me a lesson- if/when its fixed it will be insured to the max next time-

Thanks for all the ideas and clarity- I am still livid and sick at the same time over this-

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Lawyer up and assess your chances of recovery before choosing a path. While the other driver appears to be 1 paycheck from broke, he was driving a relative's car and they may have sufficient coverage above the minimum state levels to cover the repair estimate. There is often more than one way to skin the proverbial cat. Remember Kelly H?

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Just want to write in and say I'm sorry this happened to you. Your car is gorgeous.

I rebuilt my Mustang the first time around with my Dad. While still alive, I know that will not always be the case. I will never get rid of my Mustang unless it is burned to ashes and nothing is left to rebuild.

If you truly want to keep it, let Hag deal with it and get it fixed right. Salvage title only means something to a buyer down the road, and even then only if they care. I'd buy that car all day if it was well-documented that it was repaired correctly.

Good luck and glad you are ok physically.

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I thought about a lawyer- but the other driver is twice divorced paying child support to three- he was driving a 2005 focus not his car but his sister (so I doubt there is much there- but I am willing to discuss with an attorney )

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not your problem that he has life issues, don't try to be the nice guy, you're going to screw yourself if you do.

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The only goal SF has is not to pay. They dont care about you, their driver or anyone else.

Get an attorney.

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As others have said, that doesn't look like $20K in damage, and regardless of the value of the car, it's not "totaled" in terms of damage.

One thing I did run into personally - My 71 F100 was parked in front of my house and a guy came by and slammed into it, then into my wife's Bronco 2. So there was no question of fault. HIS INSURANCE totaled MY TRUCK. Doesn't seem like that should be legal, and I was about ready to choke that smug !#@$#$% adjuster when he told me. I've always wondered how a similar scenario would play out with a stated value policy.

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Ignore Hagerty at this point, that is YOUR insurance and your valuation. You don't need to use them.

Go after other driver and by proxy State Farm for recovery. You will not get compensation for your legal costs. You might be able to do small claims, so it shouldn't cost much.

Put car on ice, do not register. PNO it now! Hopefully, you had it towed home for storage. If not, break it out and keep receipts for tow/storage and car rentals...this is recoverable.

Most people give in because they need their car and don't have any resources to pursue other remedies. You can, so do it. Its gonna take a year...meanwhile deregister car and let this play out.

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I'm no insurance expert, but it does seem like the crazy high estimate is screwing you in this instance. Sorry you're having to deal with this mess. Hope it works out in the end.

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Let me see if I understand this ... guy makes a left (or u-turn) In front of you coming from the other direction And SF claims that you鈥檙e partly at fault? The fact that you didn鈥檛 choke the life out of that adjuster speaks highly of your self-control. You are 0% responsible and a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner is in order. Just my $.02.
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Frankly I dont see more than $2000 in re-pop parts not counting paint.
If all else fails take the Hagerty $$ less whatever the buy back might be and get your hands dirty:).

WTF is this 1% state?
my last incident a broad that hit me tried to plea with me and even tried to tear up. I told her to save it for someone that cares. A month later she tries to file a claim on me saying I hit her. I call her ins co Progressive, after they kept putting me off and finally say when its he said she said we each fix our own. I said I have a video and their tune changed right quick.
I hopped my co would go after her for lying but there is no laws in TX about lying about an incident, its not fraud until money is paid out.

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@dzahm - I read you saying that you'll either certainly lose money now, or possibly lose it in the future if you go to sell it as a salvage...or do some creative negotiation now to avoid/minimize loss.

It doesn't look too hard which strategy to take (out of the three options): DON'T choose option 1, certainly losing now.

Do the creative negotiation. At worst, you'll possibly lose value in the future.

A salvage title is sure worse that that pristine title you have now. But it's still a 50 year old car and it might be better to do legal things NOW to compensate you for that reduced value due to the title condition.

Free advice, and you get what you pay for! Sorry can't give you anything more valuable.

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Was he coming towards you and did U turn in front of you? That's 100% his fault.
Stop messing around and get a lawyer, go after State Farm.

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Option 2 to me is the best option right now. But It's very risky because your car may be broken or doesn't good like it used to before the crash.

And you should check it really carefully to make sure.

Best regards

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Check your local law.
I believe in Michigan.
After a vehicle titled with a salvage title has been repaired or rebuilt, it can be titled and registered for road use again. ... After the inspection, a new title is issued with the legend "REBUILT SALVAGE." This legend alerts future owners the vehicle was once "totaled" by an insurance company.

Who cares what the new title says if you never plan on selling it.
I would take the money, keep the car, and rebuild it myself.

Also the second someone titles it in another State. That State will most likely just issue you a regular title.

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For all the people saying lawyer up, what is the goal?

Might happen, but your insurance is going to pay, so what are you going to get, except paying part of that money to a lawyer.

Yes, you might get an order for State Farm to pay, still it will not exceed the stated value amount, because the expert witness, you, already said that is what it is worth. Plus, again, the lawyer takes money.

But the lawyer says State Farm will pay my costs. Might happen, but State Farm will say we offered the stated value, and he refused, so that might be enough for a judge to NOT award any costs, so you just kissed 25% or more good bye.

I have been in too many court rooms, where it does not end well for the winning party, after all the court and lawyer fees are paid off. Some win the lotto, many do not.

Maybe the lawyer will force a no salvage title. Most lawyers do not have that kind of knowledge, and the scenario of getting a lower estimate could solve everything.

Estimate comes in a $16K, Haggarty pays, they may subrogate, but who knows, and you do not care.

My concern is that IF the state value really was too low, and that may be very true, Haggerty may be thinking, Hmmm, pay out the 25K, get the car, salvage auction it for 18K, we are only out 7K.

So, using the common 75% total rating, roughly anything over 19K in damage is a total. That 75% is to guardband for unexpected damage that crops up when it comes apart, and residual value of the total. So it comes back to:

Do you want your car without a salvage title?

Easiest is to get a new estimate, ensuring it comes in south of 18K, stand your ground, it is NOT a total, below 75%, hand me my check, and go away Haggerty. Subrogate against State Farm, but it is not my issue.

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I had an ice patch incident that took my DD over the "total" line. Told the insurance co I wanted to keep the car, so they gave met the total value minus what they would have sold it to a scrapper for. Did the repair as a contract job with a collision shop I've dealt with before, very reliable. They did it as a fill-in job. Cost me about $3k more than the "total value", but I'd had it since new. Actually worse than it looks. Aprons and shock tower trashed, wheel broken, lower control arm broken, steering hub and strut bent, battery crushed, left valve cover broken, upper and lower radiator support trashed, front rail tweaked, and the main wiring harness, which goes along the top of the left aprons, was shredded. Body guys hate wiring, part of the deal was after the aprons and rails were replaced and painted I came in on a Saturday morning and laced in the new harness and breaker box, which went all the way from the instrument panel to the underhood breakers, both headlights, to the ABS control on the right side..


Here it is recently. I've put 100,000 miles on it since the accident, and it still burns no oil between oil changes.

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