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69 NOS Front Valance

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I have a chance to buy an NOS front valance for 69 and the price is $200. which is not cheap by any means but I've been told to keep with the original as much as possible. Any one seen a price on an nos panel lately?
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Haven't seen any prices for the valence lately. But, if you have the $$$$ go for it. There's no substitute for NOS quality. If you need the part and don't have the money for NOS, then look for an orignal used part. Rust probably won't be a problem hereand there are several vendors that sell good used parts. Of course a boneyard part you pull yourself would be cheaper.
I've been seeing them for a $150 - $175. Try Perogie.

I think its worth the money. The price kind of hurts, but at least it will fit correctly.
I think I paid a little more than that for mine and that was 3 or 4 years ago.
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