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69 ragtop questions, again

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I am still never hear, sure hate to hear about the board member who died in his sleep. Hard to believe, that's so young to go. I will pray for his family.

I have gotten some good advice here before. I have my '69 convertible and am really enjoying it, but I have a question about convertible rear windows? My car has a plastic rear window, can I just buy a glass one to replace it, or is it more complicated than that?

Also, how do I clean the top?

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It's more complicated than just buying a new window. The window panel is sewed into the bottom of the top at the well, IIRC. So you will need to have a complete new window panel installed. As for cleaning the top, here is an old thread on the subject:
Sorry to ask another stupid question, but when are you supposed to unzip the plastic window? Every time you take down the top or what.

Sorry for the question, my first convertible.

Best practice is to unzip the window each time you put the top down but, to be honest, in over 30 years of owning convertibles I've never worried about it. The window may eventually become opaque at the fold line over time, but getting in the back seat and zipping or unzipping the window is a pain. So you may have a clear window, but the zipper will eventually tear out. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

I'd rather just put the top down with the window zipped and enjoy the ride.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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