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I was eyeing the assembly of this piece on my convertible to see how complicated it would be to remove it. I have two little rust bubbles on the outer fender lip, top center, that haven't broken out of the paint yet. Thinking about pulling the fender and carefully hitting the rust from the back so as not to disturb the paint.

Is this a remove-the-bolts-and-pull job or do those spot welds along the trunk opening have to be cut?
what about the seam between the quarter and the piece the right trunk lid hinges at? and where the quarter and the inner wheel well meet? how are these two areas joined?
Is there another/better/easier way to access this area from behind to get to that rust and stop it?


Firstly, the quarter panel is spot welded to the car. Its a real pain in the butt to remove it. You cannot remove it and preserve the paint.

Secondly, you cannot remove the rust from behind just by hitting it. If you can detect rust from the front side, the rust is completely through the panel. The affected zone is at least 10 times greater than you can see from the front. The panel should be removed and replaced. You may also need a new outer wheel well.

For most people, except for the daring or highly skilled, farm this job out. Since you will have to paint it anyway, also inspect other panels for similar rot and repair it at the same time. Rust never sleeps.
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