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69 SCJ questions

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regarding 69 cobra torino SCJ////////////////// NOM 390 is in there. it has C7AE-A heads 4 bolt pattern ' but' the exhaust manifolds are 2 bolt. cant get to cast # can someone tell me application of those heads? are the 2 bolt exhuast manifolds (as i suspect) correct for the car? do torino R codes have a 2 bolt pattern head?

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C7AE-A are 390 GT heads used on 67-68 Mustangs, Torinos, Cougars....

Original an R code would have thesame exhaust manifolds as a Mustang . Can only guess thay whomever put the engine in didn't get the manifold with the heads and dumped the other manifolds in. CJ manifolds will not fit without some modifications to the heads. C7 heads should have 4 hloes on each end port and 2 for the centers

Hope this helps

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