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6cyl 4 bolt disc brake conversion?

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Has anybody got information on putting front disc brakes on a '66 mustang with a 6cyl and keeping the 4bolt hubs? A buddy of mine really doesnt want to do a complete swap over to 5 bolt but does want front discs. A little help here....

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I think I saw one of the Brake Co's offer the 4 lug version. It was about the same price as a V-8.
It's hard to do a complete front disc swap without going to 5 lugs because the Monarch and Versailles were both 5-lug cars! I struggled with the same problem believe me, I didn't want to get rid of my 4-lug rims! But, hey, I got styled steel wheels in the process of the 5-lug conversion (along with disc brakes) It's worth it, really...
yeah its well worth it and cheaper to convert over to 5-lug disc brakes, eventually he's going to have to replace that piece of crap rear-end and its much easier to find parts for an 8" rear end than it is for a 7.25" thats on the car right now
Stainless Steal Brake offers a bolt on kit for 4-lug applications. The parts bolt dirrectly onto the original spindels. I also just finished reading posts about the kevlar brake shoes for 4xdrums. The cost is a lot less then a disk conversion and the braking power is supposed to be excellent. I would try kevlar shoes before doing a disk conversion.
Do you have a link for the Kevlar brake shoe setup?
I picked up my kevlar brakes for my other Mustang (dad's... sorta, haha) at Kragen and I'll try to get a part number.

Oh, Molano is right about the rearend, too... Going to an 8" makes SO MUCH of a difference!!
Kevlar brake shoe link is They also had a recent advertizement in April 02 Mustang & Fords

Good luck
You have two options on 4-lug conversions.

1.Stainless steel brake kit $1100
2.California Mustang 4-lug I got mine for $700 on sale I don't know what it is at now. It comes with new spindles and in my opinion was cheaper than going for the 5-lug conversion. If you switch to five lug you need new tires and rims. It sounds good for these V8 guys because they already have the tires and rims /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

If you want more info email me I have written up a article on the swap. I just didn't get a chance to post it yet.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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