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Wednesday 7/31 is pony night in Elmhurst, which I can only assume is for mustangs, (if not I'll look stupid with my car and a bunch of little ponies cloping around.

Hope to see everyone there!

What an opportunity to sell the club

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I would come myself, but I have a softball game.

Feel free to spread my email address though! ([email protected])


I will be sure to be there tomorrow night since it is
" Pony " night. There is the show that is in Cary, IL 60013, however I would rather go where there will be more Mustangs anyway.

If you know the cross streets or general area in Elmhurst please post it. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Unless it really is a PONY show. Then who knows....I guess I never really got to go to the petting zoo as a kid anyway ?!?!? hahaha
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