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70 Boss 302

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A buddy of mine and I are trying to get his 70 Boss ready for the Shelby mid america tomorrow. Just rebuilt the engine, new carb and distributer as well. The problem is, in the garage, the thing revs well, get it on the road under a load and the thing starts revving and sort of back fires occasionally.

Please help, we are loading the car in the trailer tomorrow to go to the show and would like it to run properly.

any ideas???????
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I would check the points adjustment and the timing first.
Jawstang is on the right track ,,If all that checks out ,,read the plugs ,it may be ignition wires and or plugs,also confirm the dist curve and total advance,,if all the above checks out I suspect fattening up the primaries if it is a stumble after the car is up and reving,if it does it as soon as you step on the fuel it may be it needs more accellerator pump,,This part of tuning takes lots of time and patience best of luck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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