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70 door window glass mechanism

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In the Body assembly manual for the 70 sportsroof the window/glass install diagram shows "view D" ,the window
guides. These are the parts that bolt to the glass mounts. They ride up and down the two rods that are mounted vertically in the door shell. The "view D" shows the guide with the open end facing to the right. Can anyone tell me if the both guides should face in this direction in each door? It seems to me that one should face the opposite direction to prevent the window from being able to be moved forward or backward. (Anti theft reasons). Or does the direction of the guide mean nothing? Thanks

Mike (bodyputty)
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Both brackets have the open end facing toward the rear of the door.Once you position the window, locking down the nut at Fig E stops any fore -aft movement of the glass.

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Just went throught rthe same installation with the same question as you after looking in the Osborn manuals. I installed it the same way Greg describes and the window system works perfect...after a few hours of adjusting. Follow the manual on adjusting.

Mark Memmer
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