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First off, I don't want to ship this stuff, sorry. :)

I have everything you need to convert your 69 to 70 style bolt-in door glass.

I would like to get a working 9 inch 28 spline trac-lok with at least 3.50 gears (but not over 4) to put in my car. This is most preferred, at the moment.

If you have the right combination of some other parts, I might consider a trade. I eventually need to get a 351W Weiand Stealth or Performer RPM intake, new front torque boxes, possibly a good Mach 1 hood, possibly a good 69 fastback deck lid with no wing holes, Flowmaster mufflers, headers, exhaust pipes, disc brakes and pedal(? I'm not going with power brakes, so I'm not sure if I need the pedal).... I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Oh yeah....I would like an original dual exhaust rear valance, also.

Other things I have sitting around include a 70 steering column, 70 tranny tunnel, 69-70 fastback rear window, 69-70 8 inch rearend... That might be it. I've sold off almost everything I don't need.

Let me know if you are interested in a trade for anything. I'd rather have things sitting around I'm going to use someday than things that I have no use for.

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