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70 Mach One

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Found a 70 Mach One Complete never restored 80,000 miles
needs total resto. New quarters, inner wheel wells, rear valence and interior. Engine and trans good. Owner wants 3800.00 Canadian which works out to be about 2800 US
what do you think I can do the bodywork myself except the paint
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If it is reasonably rust-free, I'd jump on it like Ricky Martin!

Let me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting!
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I agree with Midlife If the rust is not too bad I would jump on it. Most body parts are available repo for the 70. I paid 3800 USD for my 70 Mach 3 years ago but it was completely disassembled, primed with no rust. Biggest problem so far was identifying parts and bolts the the PO did not label. I will save you week/months of resto time if you document your parts well. Good luck and keep us informed.

Mark Memmer
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Well , if I had to start another restoration I would want to start with something like this. I can't tell you how much time I have spent trying to figure out what goes where. I too started with a basket case and have spent YEARS getting all of the right bits and pieces. I started with a total rust bucket 70 SCJ mach 1 that I have had to use for parts for my other 70 SCJ mach1. But neither car was very complete. I concure with one of the other replies in this thread , LABEL EVERYTHING you take apart, take pictures,keep notes. Take a flash light and look into the cowl area , if the rest of the car is that rusted you probably have a problem in the cowl area as well. I assume this is a 351 car , if it has a shaker this deal sounds even better. While rear quarter skins are available , front fenders are harder to come by as I here the repos fit like crap. Other hard to find body items are rear decklid ( 70 machs have no holes for mustang lettering like 69's do ) and doors, doors, doors. 69 doors will fit , but 70 doors do have a subtle difference in them. You might also check the front fender extensions , these quite often have the little tabs for mounting the front valance broken off. One thing you may consider is trying to find a rust free body ( not always easy especialy here in New England ) and use this car for a parts car. Even if you had to bail out of the project you could part out this car for more than you paid for it. Did you check the torque boxes ?? Well , let us know how you make out.


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I live in Massachusetts (rust capital of the world) and am just starting on a car that is in the same shape as the one you are considering.I completely agree with the others,know what you are getting into.Also know that these cars command some serious money when little work is needed.My advice is GO FOR IT! Do as much as you can yourself,and decide early on if it's going to be a "driver" or showcar. My car will be a driver and thats what these cars were made for.
Well I bought the 70 Mach One, hey my little brother kicked in 1800 dollars so he could drive the car once in a while, I said no problem, so I only paid 1800 myself. It's 351 4V with a shaker scoop and white interior. Its one of those stories a guy I worked with knew of a mustang sitting in his daughter's condo that she was renting. It seems the owner of the condo wanted to get rid of a mustang her husband owned. Husband had passed away and the car was sitting for 6 years. Nothing has been done every nut and bolt, powertrain etc, are all original. I have a major resto though, I'll post a pic later to show you guys the before and after.
My wife said to me when i got it towed home....
"Well i didn't marry you for your brains..hmmmmm
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