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Well I have had this mustang for over 25 years and project got stalled when my son was born. He's in college now. It was originally a base yellow 302 automatic. The previous owner painted it red. Four wheel non assist drum brakes were scary when I brought it home. I installed the Boss 302 Trans Am brake set up in the front and Lincoln Versailles rear end for rear disks. Replaced the auto with 4 speed top loader trans. Switched the 2 something rear end gears to 3:50's. It is my 6th 1970 Mustang, I have had 4 Mach 1's and a Boss 302. All of the Mach 1's were 351 Cleveland powered. This Wednesday it went into the shop for paint, suspension, motor, trans, rewiring and more. I will be dropping in on the shop now and then and will post the progress. The suspension is going to be Street and Track coilovers in front and Total Control 4 link in the back. Prestige Motorsport Inc. built the 363 Clevor Boss 302 style engine. Interior has been upgraded to Mach 1 / Shelby style. Posting progress so far.
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