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70 Turn signal switch replacement

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Going to attemp replacing turn signal switch on my 70 Mach
anyone have any experience with this? Any thing I should look out for?
Anything BAD that is!
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Rather simple job. Hardest part will be getting your steering wheel off. After the horn pad has been removed, back off the nut that holds the steering wheel in place. Run it out until the top of the nut is flush with the top of the steering shaft. Your wheel may pull right off? If so remove the nut and then go after the switch. IF NOT, with the nut in the flush postion mentioned, wack the top of the nut and shaft with a big hammer and the wheel should pop off/up. Remove the nut and wheel. Don't beat the crap out of it if it doesn't work. In this case you may need to get a steering wheel puller. You do not want to damage the steering shaft.
Use a steering wheel puller period.

One problem I have encountered with the switchs is that the contacts can be too long. When you put on the turn signals, only the front or rear will flash on the opposite side. You will need to trim (shorten) the contact wire as it rides up on the plastic ramp.

Make sure your connection is a good one. The wires are smaller than the original and can pull apart. I recommend a small metal connector and some heat shrink tubing. Will save headaches later.

Rather easy job overall.
looks like i will be doing the same. my blue wire that runs across the emergency flasher switch melted the plastic. what a mess!! anyone know what might have happened?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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