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70's era questions

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Spotted a 70 fastback for sale yesterday, Good White paint with black graphics, black interior-decent shape. Had the side scoops, hood scoop, and rear spoiler.. For sale for 7500. Sign said 351 but since it was raining I didn't get a look at the motor or much else for that matter. Did notice both door window didn't make up so I am sure it was going to get wet. Also noticed that this person had a replica of "The General" from the Duke of Hazzard TV show under the cover out of the rain in the carport so I immediately guestion his intelligence.

I'm going to drive by tomorrow and try to get some conversation going , a look at the motor and elsewhere and the VIN. Don't know much about 70's. Don't think it's a Mach1 or whatever--what are the possibilities?


J. Boggs
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Side scoops? 70 fastbacks don't have sidescoops unless this car has been modified. You might be thinking of a 69 which can be easily identified by the 4 headlights as opposed to only 2 on the 70. The 70 Mach's have a sport lamp inside the headlights but the lights on those are more rectangular. Good luck.

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Pleanty of knowledge here on the board. Get the VIN and the door tag info and we'll help.

First response based on what you've shared so far is its likely over priced but this could change based on your findings

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