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71 302 Question

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New comer to the sport of car restoration I have a 71 mustang coupe currently being ripped apart and restored.
Currently I am in the process of yanking the 302 out of the car. I started to inspect the heads and one has a CAST of 302 and the other 351? I know ford marks the blocks with size engine one them along with a cast-id as well.(still have to find that, heads are still on the block.)so can i assume that the head marked 351 is for a 351 engine? I guess the head has worked in the past for the previous owner just want to make sure I will not have problems in the future with this setup.
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That's an interesting discovery... Anyway, the heads for a
302 have holes drilled for 7/16" bolts to the block while
351 have holes drilled for 1/2" bolts to the block. I'm
assuming that unless the mark is in error, you'll be able
to see the bolt hole difference.

hey thanks I will check this out. The previous owner had been driving it for 8 years like this with no problems?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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