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'71-'73 deluxe seats

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Does anybody have a picture of the '71-'73 deluxe seats (not mach I)? I have someone that has a pair for sale, but the picture doesn't look like what I expected. Also, what would be a good price for a nice set, needing nothing.
thanks, Todd.
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if you hav an NPD or Paddok or any catalog related they have the pics of them..

The seats needing nothing, I have seen go from anywhere from $60-$150 depending on the seller.

Usually its just the upholstery thats messed up, maybe some bent tracks, and or broken springs in the seat frames

You could aways just get the deluxe upholstery from NPD or other mustang parts catalog. If you don't mind doing the work yourself, it might be cheaper. Just an idea.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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