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'71-'73 Right-Hand Remote Mirror

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I found a picture of this mirror that was sold at the site listed in this posting. I was curious as to where would the remote control be located on the dash for a passenger door remote mirror?
If someone has this mirror or a picture of the remote handle located on the dash, please email me a picture.
Thanks, Jeff
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It would be on the door panel just like the drivers side
same as the drivers mounts to the passenger have to reach over to remotely adjust it..*LOL*
The cable seems WAY long to mount on the door. I bought a left mirror not too long ago that also had a long cable and it turned out not to be for a Mustang. Torino's, among others, came with remote racimg mirrors that will not mount correctly to Mustangs. I"m not an expert on 71-73 models but I'd check the part # before buying one like that site was selling.

The grommets on the cable make it seem that it passes thru the door and into the hinge pillar on its way to the, presumably, dash area.
To the best of my knowledge, there was NOT a passenger remote option for 71-73. Never seen one, probably never will. There was however, an option on a Granada I saw in a boneyard for this exact thing. I was going to swipe it, but never got the chance. The remote mounted in the dasboard, nest to the radio. Most likely, someone swapped the guts of the granada mirror into a mustang housing, or it's just a granada sport mirror that was installed on a '72 Mach1 as the ad states. Just because it was bolted to a Mustang, doesn't mean it's a Mustang part.......
I saw one a long time ago but don't recall exactly where the knob was. IIRC it was in the center or side of the center dash console, I will look at mine tomorrow and maybe I will remember...
The Torino/Ranchero in '70 - '71 had a passenger side sport mirror that had a remote. The mirror body was identical to a Mustang, but the base was different. The part numbers are different also. I can give you the part number when I get back to my truck. The remote control mounted on the passenger door just like the driver door, but I have also noticed that the cables were much longer.
I will say that the base on the mirror in the picture does not look like what is on my '71 Ranchero. The '72 Torino/Ranchero sport mirrors had a distinctly different base than the other models.
Did the '71 Maverick Grabbers have sport mirrors?
I have a passenger side remote mirror in my 73 vert and the adjusting piece is located in the passenger seat. To operate it I say, "Honey, move the mirror <up, down, right, left> and it's performed flawlessly for years! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Just kidding,
DMCQ: What's your secret? Mine doesn't work, no matter how much I try!
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