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In the quest for better street handling, I swapped from a stock steering gear in a 73 to a Mach 1 gear (the variable ratio steering gear). But it still isn't quick enough! There are 12:1 gears available at but it doesn't mention if they are the correct bolt hole pattern for the Mustang. Kinda peculiar that the 71 to 73 uses a Saginaw steering gear! Anyway - does anyone know if any GM gearbox has the same bolt holes as the 71 to 73 Mustangs? (It is supposedly the same internals with a slightly different casing for different applications).


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I called AGR about this last year. The box is slightly different, but as you stated, the internals are the same. When I talked to them, they had Mustang boxes available, or they would rebuild yours. Price was about $350, as I recall. Not a bad price for a 12:1 firm feel box.

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