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Hi All,

Could someone tell me where I can get Tail Light / Back up light Sockets for my 71 Mustang Coupe? The ones in the car are "worn" shall we say.



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If you're talking about the tail light housing, go to "eHay Motors" under the "Parts: Cars & Trucks" do a search for "71 mustang" or "72 mustang" or "73 mustang"
You will get numerous pages of nothing but mustang parts. There are usually a few auctions going for the tail light housings fairly cheap.

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Hi Mike,
Do you need the metal sockets and wire pigtail that the bulbs actually screw into? Do you need the plastic housing that the sockets (with the bulbs) screw into?
The socket and pigtails shouldn't be too hard to find, just shop on ehay for a rear taillight wiring harness for 71-73. Same for the rear taillight housings.
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