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what did ford do to the 302 in 73 137hp wtf i heard they retarded cam timming and the resticted exhast chouldn't help either.was there anything else they did to make the hp so low.i added a ignition and want to start on induction how big can i step up in cfm its going to be set on a dual plane and maybe a cam change i want to sqeeze hp without the wear and tear of a high hp pony. i was thinking 200hp
ohh i almost forgot its a daily driver

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All Ford did was change the way they listed the HP, instead of listing it without assy, they listed the HP that was "left over" after the assy where added.

If you look at the F-code 302 specs you can see that the only real change made from '68 to '73 was the CR was lowered, to run on lower octane fuel. The cam size was not changed. So if all you're looking for is 200 - 250 HP, all you should have to do is increase the CR back up by installing flat top pistons.
Here is another good site that has alot of engine specs for the different years.

As far as the CFM this was taken from Holley's website

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The first thing to consider here is the CFM that you will need for your engine. There's a simple formula available that will put you right in the CFM ball park. The formula is:

Engine Size (CID) X Maximum RPM / 3456 =
CFM @100% Volumetric Efficiency
350 CID X 6000 RPM = 2,100,000 / 3456 = 608 CFM

Approximately 608 CFM would be required for this engine. However, most street engines are capable of achieving only about 80% VE; a modified street engine with ported heads, headers, good intake and carburetor can achieve about 85% VE; a fully modified race engine can achieve 95% or greater VE. The CFM number arrived at with this formula must be factored by this percentage.



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I don't know if it will help your 302, but I woke up the 351w in my LTD by replaceing the cam. After a lot of miles the cam may be worn a bit anyway. I picked up a PAW cam kit,mild, but a step or two up from stock, and it realy picked it up. Sounds a lot better also./forums/images/icons/smile.gif
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