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Hi all, I was thinking of buying this car, but nahhhh. So here is the info if you are interested in a parts car.

The car for sale is in Highland park Michigan. I do not believe the car is restorable. Too many items have been stripped, cut or are lost to rust. However, the car does have the following items that may be worthwhile:

Original (supposedly) 'Q' code 351C 4v (no tranny)
Hood in ok shape, some rust
Internal Quarter panels in the back seat(I think that is what it is called), it's the panel where the pwer window control is. Both sides are there and are currently White. Maybe because of sunbleaching???.

The Convertible top mechanism is sitting in the car, but not sure if it's complete.

Glass all around except windshield.

Car had power windows!!!

Various other parts laying around.

The guy wants around $ 600.00 for the car.

Anyone interested? I have no pics (neither does he I believe)

The guys name is Ralf, his number is (586) 855-7835. The car is in the Detroit area.

Good luck,


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i may be interested in the rear interior quarter panels if you still have them.
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