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My first Ford project and have a question or two.
I own a '73 Grande with almost every option except pwr-windows. It is Q-coded and was told at two diffenent car shows that there were few made in '73. I believe there were tons made but wonder why that people keep telling me this. Could that be true?
Secondly, I am swapping out my original dash (idiots lites) with a gauge pack dash w/tach from a '73 Mach, 302. Beside the obvious sending unit swap, am I going to have other problems? Is the tach driven just from the ignition? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There were never a lot of Q codes made in any year. I bet there is at least a 3 in 5 chance that every 71 - 73 you ever walk up to will be an H code. Those are everywhere.

Hi, My name is john , I own a H code 71 - 73 mustang. :)

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If you could get the wiring harness from the Mach you would be way better off. There is an excellent procedure for this conversion at

I did this conversion on my 73 using pieces from another trashed 73 harness (from a tach dash car). I mainly used it for a few of the connectors (the 12 pin connector to the back of the tach/speedo cluster is the hardest to get - I really bought the whole harness for that)... and to use the correct color and strip wires.

Good luck!
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