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'79 Pace Car sighting

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While on my weekly exercise cruise with the Pace Car, I spotted a '79 Mustang Pace Car parked in the street (SE corner of State College & Chapman in Fullerton, for you locals). U-turned, cruised by slowly, didn't look too bad. Wonder if SWMBO would go for another Pace Car in the garage???

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That would be a very cool collection. Two pace cars, a generation apart.

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What the heck, get the third one too. *G*

Dean T

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One of the VMF regulars, Gearhead I believe, has a very nice 79 pace car. I saw it at Round-up last summer, kinda hard to miss with those rotating yellow beacons on top!

66 Coupe, check her out at

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I think there's one of those for sale here. If your interested I can track it down.


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Hi Steve,
Check out this one. If I wasn't already over my head I'd buy it!

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