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I found a 8 inch rear end, with 3.4 gears, open diff from a 1978 mustang
Will it fit my 1965 mustang, 289 with 8 inch 2.8 open diff. Looking to change the center carrier only
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I don't think that is an 8 inch....probably a 7.5 and won't fit as a direct bolt in to my knowledge....

Fastlane Ford
It should be a decent width (break out the tape measure), as for the perches, dunno.

It should be an 8 inch if it is the original rearend from an original 8 cyl 78 mustang (and I use the term mustang VERY lightly!!)

If the center section (PUMPKIN) bolts in from the FRONT (not a stamped cover ON THE BACK!!)
If your just wanting to use the center section it will work. Denver
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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