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Got an '86 Bronco II for trade. 4x4, 2.9L fuel-injected V6, 4-speed automatic tranny with overdrive, PS, PB, A/C. Odometer says 54k miles, and I am assuming it is 154k. Engine fires up and purrs like a kitten. Tranny is toast, has reverse gear only. Current VA inspect until the end of this month, but it's been sitting for a couple of months and the brakes feel spongy. 4-wheel drive system works fine. The only rust on the thing is just forward of the rear wheels on both sides, there are bubbles the size of half-dollars there, that's it. Beige/maroon exterior, beige interior. Oh, and the other day my mower kicked up a rock and took out the rear hatch glass. :eek:

No title. I am going to see about getting a title for it, so don't let that scare ya. With a tranny, this could be a good winter runner for someone, or a dang nice parts machine. I dragged it in the other week on a whim, but decided that I just don't need another mouth to feed. Will trade for a '65-'66 parts car or parts. Will sell outright as well if you don't have anything to trade. Delivery possible within 2-1/2 hour radius of Richmond, Virginia. Will try to have pics available tomorrow.

Shoot me an email is interested. [email protected]

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