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I don't have pics at the moment as the parts are in storage, but will try and get this ad updated with pics.

87-93 5.0 HO EFI setup; excellent for those who are on a budget, are not restoring to numbers matching, want to convert to EFI and want the efficiency of an EFI setup.

The parts are from many years of being in the Mustang hobby and I'm selling off stuff that's just taking up space. All of the parts are used, clean, no damages and not modified from stock.

1) 87-93 5.0 HO upper intake w/ hardware, 87-93 intake plate, throttle body (w/TPS sensor) and throttle body spacer (w/EGR)
1) 87-93 5.0 HO lower intake
1) 87-93 5.0 HO lower intake fuel rail w/pressure regulator
8) 87-93 5.0 HO 19lb fuel injectors

I'm trying to remember from memory - but I think I have the black metal heater tube that goes on lower intake and possibly thermostat housing. I'll update ad either way once I get box from storage.

Must be picked up in NJ - too heavy to ship and would only add more cost to an excellent deal...

Asking $150.00 cash.

I could part it all out for more $, but just don't have time for eBay at the moment and want to sell as single package.

I have tons of references and my eBay ID has over 1k positive feedbacks @ 100% since 1998.

Please PM me here if interested or email:
[email protected]
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