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9 'Lincoln rear w/disc

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$300 in our local rag today. How toasted can it be, what to look for, and would the conversion be worth the effort?

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It might be cheaper to buy the disc brake conversion kit. The versaille rear ends were usually 2:79 gears
and non posi and if the calipers and rotors are bad, that adds up plus you still have to rig up the e-brake so it will work.
I agree. I may have gotten luck finding a Granada 9" drum rear for $50, but I added the ECI rear disk brake kit to it for $525 minus hoses and park cables and it turned out great. The big 11" rotors fit the axle center so no machineing was needed. Dont forget the Granada and Versi are narrower. Check out
Oh yea I forgot to mention the Granada was a dirrect bolt in. You can use the same brackets and U bolts not like the Versi that has to have modifcations to work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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