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94 5-speed starter problem in 65 mustang

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I have a 94 5-speed in my 65 fastback. To start with I bought the motor and trans together. I did not get the starter with it. So all of the components are for this set up.

My problem is that the starter I have borrowed hits the flywheel when I try to start it. I forgot what kind of car the starter came from but I did check to see if it was the same part number as the 94 starter at The starter does have a wear mark in the housing near the bendix gear. My olny guess is the starter is out of wack some how. I even compared the starter to a new one at the store and with a scale and they appear to be the same starter.

I first thought maybe the gear is spinning to fast before it has a chance to engage the flywheel. I thought this because I am trying to start it with two soleniods. One on the car and one on the starter. I tried every combo of wire hook ups to get it to start, but no luck.

I have looked into the 65 starter and it won't even fit in the bell housing. It also seems that the starter for an auto car and a standard car are the same for 94. The 94 starter has 10 teeth. I have not counted the flywheel. From the rubbing mark on the flywheel it should engage.

Anyone have an answer? I would hate to spend $90 on a new starter and have it do the same thing. thanks
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I've heard of folks shimming there starter to get it to line up correctly. I use a aftermarket gear reduction
on my 1990 t-5 without a problem.
I have a 94 T-5 in my Cougar (351W) and didnt have any problems with the starter hitting the flywheel. I bought the starter at Autozone. Maybe the flywheel is wrong (are you using the original one or the one from the 94 motor? I had to use a 157 tooth?? flywheel with special balancing for my 351W.

Also, I tried the 2 solenoid deal and it worked, but would hold the starter engaged for a few seconds after the car started. I ditched the one on the fenderwell and just used the one on the starter.

The flywheel is the one that came with the tranny and it was still bolted to the 94 motor when I got it.
How did you wire yours up? The starter did stay engage for a little while after I started the car. My starter gear is know fried. The car didn't feel right when I started it for the first time so maybe it was a bad starter to begin with. I did have the wrong starter. I bought the correct one today. It sure does look alot like the other starter I had. thanks
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