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96 not 69

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I have a 1996 Ford F150 (302 FI) 4x4 I need to replace engine or rebuild engine. Because; I have a bad crankshaft on the journal where the thrust bearing goes is worn beyond repair and the crank walks back and forth bad enough so that the torque converter bolts hit the tin shield between the engine and trans. My question is if you think it is feasible that replace the engine or rebuild the engine and if you say rebuild engine is their anything I could do to get a little more power without messing up the computer. such as flat top pistons and a little taller cam or maybe add headers but keep the emissions in specs.. Please give me some ideas because I pull my car trailer and stock engine just doesn't seem to have what I need. Thank You in advance.

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i'd think you could get a remanufactured cheaper than rebuilding yours. call around to some places that sell reman engines and get some quotes.

if your 302 is comparable to the mustang engine used in 94-95, then I suggest maybe posting to some late-model sites to find out what they're doing with their engines as far as mods go. here is one:

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