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I've decided to re-do Woosie as much more of a driver - going the cheap route - rather than a FBD weekend drag racer (ala DT, Lolita, Opentracker, KKpony, etc...). Reasons are simple: I won't have alot of cash to finish the car to FBD status, with 3 college educations and other big ticket financial obligations all starting in the next few years!

So, in the meantime, I've bought a couple of parts which might be of interest to a serious enthusiast - I'd like to sell them for market rate or what I paid (whichever is less). I'll post the parts in the appropriate forum so please check it out; there'll only be a few of them.

Anyways, I've had tons of fun dreaming up a nasty 393W, with all the drivetrain "fixings" but other priorities will leave me a permanent hanger queen if I continue on with a FBD Woosie. So I'll stick with a more garden variety 302, which is still quite a ride!

Paint is still the first thing to do! Which reminds me TrojanMike67, can I have my 289 block back? ::
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