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A couple of ?s about my 64.5 coupe

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Ok, first ? : When using my turn signal for a right turn both the front and rear lights blink but the indicator in the cluster does not even light up. It works fine turning left. Is this a bad bulb, switch, or what? (no I haven't tried to change the cluster bulb yet)

Second ? : What do you use to install new inside belt moldings on the rear quarter trim.

Thanks, Dayne
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There's only one light bulb in the cluster, so if it flashes with the left, but not the right turn signals, it's not a bad ground or bulb. If the exterior turn signals all work, I'd say it's a bad wire from the switch to the cluster bulb (there's 2 wires running to the same bulb ... ground is through the instrument cluster ground.

The inside belt moldings on the rear quarter trim are held on with staples. When you get a new belt line kit, it will come with new staples and a carbide drill bit for drilling new holes. The belt line kit will already have holes in it, so put it on, use those holes as pilot holes and drill new holes in the interior quarter panel with the supplied drill bit, insert the staples, and bend them over with some channel locks. They're a real PIA.

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My bet is you'll find one of the LEFT turn signal bulbs or sockets is bad or you have a ground missing to one of them... easy enought to check quickly... Mine did exactly the same thing & it was the wiring to the front lamp that was bad. Good luck and let us know what you find. :) ;)
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