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A crime

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This is a crime! I was driving with my friend the other day taking pictures, and we came up on these kids that were fighting. We stopped and put it into park. One kid got out pushed another and got back in. The other kids started walking away and the SUV floored it in reverse and slammed into my car. I was in park so I imagine my trans. is screwed up and my radiator busted and the whole front end is screwed. It sucks. It is a crime to destroy a '66 Mustang!
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I hope the kid has insurance and I hope the company pays for what it's worth. It can be a hassle getting a car like that fixed and making sure the insurance company pays what it's worth. Good Luck! I hope you get it fixed!

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Yikes! I hope you're all right. If the hood got it you might want to check the hood hinges and their mounts.

Sorry to hear about this!

Dean T

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i'll get the torches and clubs, assemble the raging mob, theres an ass kickin in the air tonight..

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Hope he has insurance, even so, they are a pain to work wwith to get things right.

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