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I'm moving out west soon and I'd like to get rid of a few things before I go. I don't really want to ship this stuff, it's too much of a hassle at this point, so these are available for local pickup:

For free: 13" 4 lug wheel with a bad tire.

$30: New, six cylinder six blade fan

$40: New, 351W Engine Oil Pan 1967-1987

$40: New, TRANSGO shift kit for a 65-66 C4

$50: Eastwood airbrushing kits. Just one of these kits retails for $50.

$500: New, Eastwood tubing roller with three sets of dies. This retailed for about $1300.

$75: Does anyone know any Falcon owners? I have a set of used, original sill plates for an early four door Falcon. These came from a '63. They are in pretty decent shape.

Help me put some gas in my tank so I can reach the coast! :}0


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